Meet the artist

Ainhoa is an artist based in California, USA. They started their career as a licensed mental health therapist, and recognize the positive influence it has had on her life and art.

Most people would consider Ainhoa a self taught artist, since she had no formal training. However, she feels more comfortable with "crowdsourced artist", since most of what she has learnt has come from watching others. Even the identity of artist can be complex, since Ainhoa recognizes creativity always being part of her. She has practiced with media like oil, acrylic, or charcoal. But also creative writing of non fiction, short stories.

Because she is always curious to learn, in one of those latest journeys, she discovered watercolor. It actually started as a work team building exercise, and Ainhoa soon became enamored. Ainhoa explored with other ways to use the internet to learn and share, and she set up her Twitch channel, in which she started to paint live weekly. This also lead her to explore digital art, as she played with cartoonish and more serious works.


Watercolor can be a soft and beautiful medium, but it's also a difficult one to handle.


Digital artistry has so many areas as devices, programs and styles there may be.


From charcoal to writing, creativity is always running.

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If you have a project in mind, or just want to share some ideas over tea, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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